Below are some of the free and open source projects I’ve worked on. All of these packages are available on my GitHub profile.


Since August 2011 - On GitHub

KKSystem is a web-based flash card system originally developed using Django in 2011. In 2014, the project was translated to Ruby on Rails. The primary production instance can be found at


Since November 2013 - On GitHub

Thugaim is a 2D space shooter for Android 2.2+. Originally, the game was developed for an AI course I took as a student. I decided I like the project and have continued development on it. Development on this project is ongoing and has not yet reached a stable release.

Hakyll SASS

Since August 2015 - On GitHub

Hakyll SASS is a library for the Haskell static website generator Hakyll used to compile SASS stylesheets. The package can be found on the Hakyll SASS Hackage page.

PayPal REST Client for Haskell

Since February 2016 - On GitHub

This library allows Haskell developers to build applications which connect with PayPal’s REST API. Currently supported features include creating, modifying, and viewing payments with an existing PayPal account or a credit card. The package will soon be available on Hackage.