Software Developer
Web / Game / Mobile
Dresden, Germany

I am Braden Walters, a software developer living in Dresden, Germany. Welcome to my personal website. I have a professional specialisation in web development, but also have non-professional experience with game development, mobile development, and 3D graphics.

In web development I see myself primarily as a backend developer. My experience with web frameworks includes mostly macro-frameworks, such as Yesod, Ruby on Rails, Django, Zend Framework, ASP.NET MVC. I also have a moderate amount of front-end experience, including use of JavaScript and CoffeeScript as well as libraries like jQuery and Underscore.

My mobile development experience involves Android™ application development in my personal projects. This experience was gained through game development that relies significantly on the Android API, using multiple activities, intents, media playback functionality, resources, and more.

Through personal desktop game projects, including developing toy game engines, I've used much of OpenGL 2.1 and have used parts of OpenAL and Bullet Physics. I've used OpenGL bindings in C++, Java, and Haskell, and OpenAL and Bullet Physics in C++.

I have a strong preference for functional and declarative programming, as well as strong type systems. I value the predictability of functional code as well as the compile-time checks that a strong type system offers. Such compile-time checks allow me to write code for which the compiler can detect most defects before the code ever reaches a production system or release build.

Tools I Use

Git Haskell Yesod PostgreSQL Django Ruby on Rails OpenGL Android

All of my personal projects are available on GitHub. Unlike my professional work, which is quite specialised, my personal projects are far more varied and therefore show a lot about my preferences in tools and types of projects, as well as other compentencies which I have developed. In addition, all of this code is Free and Open Source (FOSS) and therefore you can look at it and do almost whatever you want to with it. Have fun!

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