Posted on 26 December 2016

On 10 November 2013 I started writing what would be the first Android game that I release. As I begin writing this blog post, I’m expecting the release date will be 26 December 2016 in a train to 33c3. It’s been three years to a v1.0 release of this small game, so I introduce it here.

When development started I was studying at Youngstown State University (YSU) for my bachelor’s degree. In the Autumn 2013 semester I was taking the course Artificial Intelligence in Game Design by Dr. John Sullins. I created the concept for “Thugaim”, a space shooter which uses some of the techniques we learned in the course. The concept was completed, the beginning was implemented, but my goals were more than what I could accomplish in the semester. So I kept working on it after the semester was over.

Thugaim is a space shooter. You travel around in space, avoid space pirates, and destroy their stations. Destroy all the stations and you complete a level. My goal was not to make some complex game which will have very high ratings and that everyone plays but to make something reasonably enjoyable which could be accomplished by one person. This is because I needed to not only write the code, but also create the images and music. I hope you all enjoy it and that I can start working on something more advanced soon.

To experience more and to download it, visit Thugaim’s project page on GitHub.

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